Since the founding of the company, in addition to pursuing corporate growth and sustainable management, a good corporate citizen who has given back to the society is always the definition of us. We sincerely treat every manufacturer, support social welfare and promote environmental protection. Based on the spirits of "taking from the community, reporting back to the society, TSE has actively engaged in social services and cared about minority groups, especially basic education in primary schools as a priority. And through various social welfare activities, participate and make full use of corporate responsibilities to contribute to society。

   Commitment of Environment, Safety and Sanitation
TSE is built on the cornerstone of responsible management, and it is our abiding promise. Based on our core values of integrity, sureness, innovation, service and customer trust, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance. TSE believes employees are its most important asset, and works actively to build a collaborative team with shared vision and values.
We provide customers with the most advanced and comprehensive process technologies through unceasing innovation, build green factories and green supply chains friendly to the environment, and take concrete action to give back to society. The Policy.
TSE strictly complies with the legal requirements and relative standards in the R/D , manufacturing, testing, and marketing procedures to ensure our systems are continuously improved and can link with the latest global standards. To fulfill the social responsibilities, here we committed to protect the Earth and take care of our employees as follows:
1. Provide safe and clean working environment is the one of the key responsibilities of the managerial members。
2. Provide safer, cleaner, and ill-free working environment in order to protect all people inside factory。
3. Abide by the laws or administration rules and to develop needed procedures and operation procedures to minimize the impact caused by pollution。
4. Provide continuous and necessary trainings to communicate company’s policies with stakeholders so as to facilitate them with needed knowledge and righteous behaviors。
5. Continuously improving our systems and performance standards。
6. Build smooth communication channels between executive managers and employees by encouraging them to propose their suggestions。
7. Provide HSF products and better working environment through waste-reducing activities and self-disciplined mentality。
8. TSE commits to improve our EHS systems by using the highest domestic or international standards。


       According to system management spirits, EHS System of TSE is built up at the structure of PDCA.TSE got the certification by combing environment, safety, with occupational health and management.

Running of EHS system

Project Environment Safety Occupational Health
Laws and regulations Identification
Risk Identification
Educational Training
Warning Labels
Environmental Inspection    
Inspection of Occupational Hazards    
Classification of Wastes    
Occupational Health Examination    
Safety Concerns    
Emergency Response
Investigation and analysis of accidents