We believe and practice corporate core values, aiming to become one of the top companies in the industry. We are actively looking for people who share the same value with us and working hard for our common goals to create the best operating results.



No. of the Recruited


Mechanical Engineer


1. 22-30 years old, Bachelor or above
2.Mechanical major or relevant
3.English level above CET 4; great innovative ability and team spirit, fresh-graduated are priority

Manufacturing Engineer


1. Bachelor or above
2.IE or Mechanical major or relevant
3.Skilled preparation for SOP; Primarily responsible for evaluation and designation of fixture, exception handing, research of technique, improvement of standard labor time; great organizational and training capability.

Electrical Engineer


1. Bachelor or above
2.Abilities to work on AutoCAD; Primarily responsible for design of electric control project and development of Labview



1. College Degree or above
2.Mechatronics major or relevant
3.Responsible for  equipment maintenance, repair and regularly verify; fresh-graduated are priority

Reserve Cadres


1. College Degree or above
2.Mechanical major or relevant
3.Willing to work on on-site management  and start at the bottom; have good communication skills; fresh-graduated are priority

Sales Assistant


1.Bachelor or above
2.English/Japanese or marketing related major
3.English level above CET 4 or  JPLT LVL2 or above, fluent spoken, good communication skills; willing to develop in sales  for the long-term.

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