Vision and Mission

Customer trust has always been one of TSE's core values. TSE's core processes prioritize customer needs and take customer-orientation. We take problems prevention and zero defects as our highest goal.
        Through the commitment to technological innovation, reliable quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we have built a total quality management (TQM) process of customer satisfaction and full participation. According to ISO/IATF 16949 and the Customer Oriented Process (COP) concept, we formulate all relevant core processes of TSE. In addition, we clearly define the relationships and operation standards among processes.
        The competitiveness of customers is also the competitiveness of Tai-Shing, and the success of customers is also the success of Tai-Shing. All staff members are willing to work hard to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers. And we hope to become a long-term important partner that customers can trust and rely on.
 “Solenoid Manufacturer” Company in the World.
Zero Risk
Engineering Services
Cost Competitiveness.